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Differences of D/T and T/T Thermal Printing?

1.Technology: 1)D/T:means Direct Thermal 2)T/T:means Thermal Transfer,also can be Direct Thermal 2.Printing supplies: 1)Ribbon:T/T with but D/T without. 2)Paper:T/T:Coated paper,PVC paper,PET paper:Price tag,Asset label,Document label,Delivery service label,Package label,Clothes tag,Thermal paper etc;D/T:Thermal paper only. 3.Retention time: T/T usually several years no problem. D/T usually for several month 4.Applications: 1)T/T:Healthcare,Retail,Hospitality,Manufacturing,Logistics & Warehousing,Exhibition & Event,Leisure,Fixed Assets Industry. 2)D/T:Specially …


Hot Applications for label printers?

1.Manufacturing & Warehousing:2.Healthcare3.Parcel Post: Shipping /Receiving labels4.Small Office/Home Office5.Retail MarkingMore details?Please kindly visit us #labelprinter#barcodeprinter #labels #labelprinting #cdhlighting E:

Why Thermal Receipt Printer printing blurry?

  As belows reasons FYI: 1. Thermal paper quality issue 2. Print head need to be cleaned 3. Need to setup print content,font size or printer parameter(such as higher print temp or lower the print speed etc) 4.Print Head quality issue. More details,pls kindly visit us: #labelprinter #barcodeprinter #labels #labelprinting #cdhlighting E: